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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the warning signs that I could be at risk of a dryer fire?

If you are noticing any of the following, the safety of your home is already at risk:

  • Increased drying times / Longer cycles needed to dry your clothes
  • Clothes coming out of the dryer are Hot To Touch
  • Your dryer seems to run Hotter than normal (when you touch any part
    of it while it’s running)
  • You start to notice a Burning smell

How often should I have my dryer duct inspected/cleaned?

In most cases, once a year is sufficient for residential dryer vent cleaning for households. If there is more frequent than normal dryer usage then every 8-9 months is recommended. In the case of commercial dryer vent cleaning, between 3-6 months is ideal, depending on usage.

My dryer has a white plastic/vinyl expandable duct – Is this safe?

The majority of dryer fires linked directly to a faulty or unsafe venting system often involve the plastic/vinyl expandable duct. For 2 reasons:

  1. The exhaust temperature (especially in gas dryers) can be so hot that the vent actually will ignite especially if enough lint is trapped inside. This type of vent cannot contain the fire which can quickly spread and often cause major loss, both in property and lives.
  2. Longer, expandable-type ducts (plastic & foil) are often installed in a way where there is frequent bends and coils along the exhaust route. This only encourages lint build up and in many cases damage to the dryer from high-heat blow back. Another problem that this causes in longer drying cycles, which in turn will requires more energy to run; making your dryer very inefficient resulting in higher energy bills!

*Please note: Foil expandable dryer ducts are just as dangerous and should never be installed on any dryer exhaust.

How much can I save on my energy bills by having my dryer duct cleaned?

Rates differ from area to area. In some cases, some people have noticed a difference of as much as $25/ month savings on their energy bill. After having your dryer ducts professionally cleaned and inspected , you should notice a difference as your drying times will be shorter, which, in turn, produces less stress on your machine with the outcome being a more efficient-running dryer as a result of a dryer duct exhaust system that has been customized to suit your individual exhaust requirements.

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